Writing for us goes along with teaching.

In our ministry so far we have encountered scores of people who have participated in one Bible study after another and yet share with us “It is all the same thing over and over again.” We ourselves have been surprised by the superficiality of many of the popular materials available for Bible study. This became an open invitation for us to create materials that are more biblically rooted and fostering real Christian growth. Some of the materials we have developed have already been used in adult Sunday School teaching.

Training people as disciples of Jesus since 2008 taught us that you simply cannot train people with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality. This was an additional motivation for us to start putting together materials that could be adapted to the needs of individual disciples and be used much more effectively in training. We are also working on translating and adapting some of these materials into Bulgarian so we can use them in training Bulgarians who are not fluent in English. Our goal is to extend our efforts in this area by creating more materials to be used in real life daily training of people.

As part of our projects, Ellie has started using her writing skills, creative thought and theological training to develop Bible study materials. Her goal is to help people become immersed in the Word and create space where the Biblical characters and places come to life and where a transformational encounter with the living God takes place. Ellie’s own life tells a story of an unusual journey with God that makes every written word and insight personal and alive. One of Ellie is also currently writing a book on the seasons in the life of the Christian.