Table Talk International Ministries was born before its idea and its name. It is the result of our passion for serving God. In the summer of 2008 we began reaching out to international exchange students working on the East Coast of the United States. The approach was simple, but it produced powerful results. We built authentic relationships with students and often had them over to our home where a warm home-cooked meal was served along with the message of salvation. It was around the table – the most unthreatening place in a home – where students felt accepted and shared their life stories with us. It was there where such conversations led to the deeper questions of God, evil, and the purpose of human existence. For the following five years, such table talk became an open invitation for a number of students who made another step in their spiritual journey by re-thinking their beliefs and values and some of them were added to the family of God.

Later on, in 2009, we began to discover that this relational approach was at the heart of Christian discipleship. God was bringing transformation into the lives of people whom we were discipling, again in the context of table talk. So, reaching out to others in a natural, authentic and relational way became the very heart and philosophy of all our ministry. No wonder this concept took root as this was the very same basic approach our Lord Jesus himself used. In the three short years of his ministry, this was the main thing he placed his bid on: training leaders in the context of personal relationships. He created an environment for them for deeper intimacy in which his words were not only heard and made sense but also produced lasting results. And for the most part it all happened around the table. This was his classroom. His lectures were his own life. The big question for us became: Is there any valid reason why we would not follow Jesus’ own example in ministry? And the answer was a resounding “No!” This in turn brought us to our deepest conviction which also became our mode of operation: God’s ministry, God’s way!

Table Talk International Ministries stands for a natural way of discipling of Christian leaders who have global impact in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. We look at disciple-making as nothing less than a lifestyle. Click here to find out more about our discipleship journey and decision to follow the kind of discipling our Lord Jesus himself modeled for us as recorded in the gospels.