To advance the Kingdom of God globally by engaging, equipping, and empowering reproducing leaders through biblical teaching, natural and authentic relationships, and professional consulting.



In our interaction with those around us, we are committed to present ourselves without pretense or hypocrisy, but always and only as we truly are, in all sincerity.


We are striving to live in moral uprightness in word and action in any area of life.


We are convinced that lack of trust destroys relationships and ministry. We take our promises seriously regardless of the consequences this may have on us.


We embrace truth and only truth in all our words and actions.


We believe that teachability is the single most important quality of a disciple of Christ so we are eager to listen, learn and apply.


In all we do we try to put our best effort and invest ourselves with diligence.


We value a lifestyle that moves away from complication and sophistication and that is rooted in freedom from inordinate attachments. We believe that living simply helps us focus on what really matters.

Quality not quantity

In all our interpersonal and ministry endeavors we measure success not only by the quantity of the result but primarily by its quality.


We approach ministry with the full understanding of our human limitations and with full conviction that all we do is God’s ministry and his transforming work in us and others.

Natural relationships

We value natural relationships as the most beneficial context in which Christian ministry can flourish and bring about most meaningful results.

Ministry as a lifestyle

We believe that life and ministry are inseparable and flow into one another, making ministry a lifestyle.