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Around the Table…

by Stefan & Ellie

In a circle, we can see each other. No one is left out. We are all interconnected. We hold each other up… Round tables create a sense of community and wholeness. Have you ever tried to have a discussion with people sitting next to you on a long couch? Then why, in the church, do […]

Spiritual Living

by Stefan & Ellie

The higher goal of spiritual living is not to amass a wealth of information, but to face sacred moments. In a religious experience, for example, it is not a thing that imposes itself on man but a spiritual presence.          Abraham Joshua Heschel in The Sabbath

The Real God

by Stefan & Ellie

By refusing to be a puppet on our string or a genie in our bottle, God frees us from our false, idolatrous images.           Richard Foster in Prayer

True Worship

by Stefan & Ellie

Worship, to be true, must be based on a right perception of God”         T.D. Alexander in From Paradise to the Promised Land