Imagine that your future life and destiny were enclosed in a letter!

Paul’s Letter to Philemon introduces us to a story that is in no way inferior to any contemporary Hollywood drama!

Can the gospel transform the life of a fugitive? What would be the fate of a run-away slave? Will using persuasion instead of power save his life? Justice and grace – which one will prevail? Will a slave owner do what he is asked to do as a follower of Christ or maybe even more?


  • This Bible study explores in depth one of the letters of the Apostle Paul. Being one of the shortest books in the whole New Testament it is also one of the most powerful witnesses to the transforming power of the Good News of Jesus. Rooted in real life circumstances, it unveils a fascinating story of God’s grace in action in the midst of the family of followers of Jesus. The study aims at uncovering some of the basic principles of human relationships enlightened by God’s saving grace and power.


  • A brief look into Paul’s letters as a whole
  • Detailed study of each section of Paul’s Letter to Philemon
  • Identification of the main players in the story
  • Exploration of key words in the letter
  • Discussion on Paul’s own condition
  • Analysis of Paul’s argument and his way of persuasion
  • How did the story end?


This Bible study is suitable as much for individual study as for a small or larger group or a whole community.


The study is developed to be conducted in one single meeting of about two hours. The different format (e.g., small group or a community-wide study) and the length of discussions within the group could require a little less or a little more time. The study could be done during a regular Bible study time on a weekday evening or as a special event on a different day like Saturday or Sunday evening.