In recent decades discipleship is more talked about than practiced. However, the fact is that many churches and the Christian community at large have abandoned or lost their vision about true discipleship as modeled by our Lord Jesus. In some churches there is desire to disciple people but there is lack of knowledge and/or experience. In most cases, the idea of discipleship is watered down to some sort of short-term “training” or to a set of Bible studies or a “program” of some kind. Many churches also share a common lack of direction and intentionality with regards to discipleship.

The Church is in desperate need not only for recovering a sound biblical perspective on discipleship but also for returning to the main reason for its own existence, namely reaching out the world with the Good News by fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord.

Jesus did not only teach on discipleship. He lived it out. That was his lifestyle. And He called us not to make converts but disciples and following his own life example and discipleship approach is the only guarantee for success! As one scholar puts it: “This is the Master’s method, and nothing else will ever suffice to train others to do his work.


  • Ignite/renew a vision for evangelism in the local community
  • Inspire local Christians to engage in discipling others as the main tool for reaching out to people with the Good News of Jesus
  • Teach the principles on which Jesus built his whole ministry of discipleship and mission to the world


  • Reflections on the nature of evangelism as the primary call of the Church
  • Brief study on the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) as the most basic and exhaustive command of Jesus about evangelism.
  • A thorough exploration of nine discipleship principles on which Jesus built his whole strategy for reaching out to the world. Focus on:
    • The role of the Spirit in discipleship
    • How Jesus became a servant
    • How Jesus selected disciples
    • The role of the personal relationship as the “glue” that holds the whole process of discipleship together
    • Jesus’ call to spiritual growth, maturity and personal holiness
    • Demonstration as Jesus’ single most indispensable teaching tool
    • The role of engaging and supervising disciples in practical ministry
    • How we know we are making progress in discipleship and experiencing actual success
  • How can we apply the discipleship principles of Jesus today?
  • Personal testimonies related to discipling or having been discipled
  • Challenges and obstacles to doing discipleship today
  • Attention to biblical texts primarily from the gospels and Paul’s writings
  • Questions & Answers
  • Group discussions


This training is generally not intended for the whole church at once although that is a possibility. It is primarily designed to address a personally and specifically invited group of selected:

  • Church leaders, elders, board members
  • Leaders of different ministries within the church
  • Leaders of small groups
  • Youth ministry leaders and workers
  • Adult and Children’s Sunday School teachers
  • Selected church members


The training could be conducted in different formats (from a full-blown college level course to a small group or even individual training) to suit the particular group and time frame available (on average between 8-12 hours worth of meeting time).

In the best case the whole training is broken up into at least 2 (or more) meeting sessions on different days/weeks so the teaching and learning process would be more effective. This also allows participants to learn more manageable portions of the material and gives them time between meetings to reflect, pray, collect questions and comments on the topics. In addition, such a schedule provides more time for meaningful interactions and discussions.