A Tribute to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

When the two of us started our seminary education, we could hardly imagine the kind of journey on which God was taking us. Each student comes to seminary with a different past and present but also with different expectations for seminary and the future. Our own expectation to be exposed to a high level of academic knowledge was not vain. But seminary studies turned out to be a lot more than that. We also hoped to cross our paths with world renowned professors and learn from them. That did happen as well. But seminary turned out to be a lot more than that too. It actually became a real encounter with God. It is in this encounter that we have heard God’s voice time after time, a voice calling us to a more intimate relationship with him and to a lifestyle of full commitment to serving him and his Kingdom. In this encounter God transformed our understanding of him. But knowing him became the road of getting to know ourselves better and of realizing in a completely new way who we are in him as well.

The truth is that you can look at seminary studies in different ways. A way of getting an education and a Master’s degree. A way of getting training for a future job. These are all part of the picture. Yet, our own seminary experience came as a response to God’s call in our lives. A response to God that was the first step of a plan that was fully known only to him. It is one thing to follow God when the future seems to be predictable. But it is a completely different thing to follow him when he calls you into the unknown. Dr. Robert Coleman, one of the most acclaimed thinkers and writers on world evangelism and discipleship, used to say in our classes: “If God is taking you out, does it really matter where?” And living out the answer to this question is not only recognition of God’s perfect plan and the conviction that God’s guidance is all sufficient. It is also an invitation to get on board and follow him faithfully with nothing less than full trust in him and courage.

So, for us seminary studies became not only a mere preparation for future ministry but the beginning of ministry itself.

Stefan graduated with a Master of Divinity degree (Magna cum Laude) and a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling degree.

Ellie graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree (Cum Laude) and a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling degree (Cum Laude).

If you dare experience God in a whole new way and want to encounter God’s presence that will never leave you the same, getting a world class education meanwhile, you may consider checking out Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary – Charlotte at www.gordonconwell.edu. Could God be calling you as well as he called us?