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Around the Table…

by Stefan & Ellie

In a circle, we can see each other. No one is left out. We are all interconnected. We hold each other up… Round tables create a sense of community and wholeness. Have you ever tried to have a discussion with people sitting next to you on a long couch? Then why, in the church, do […]

The Real God

by Stefan & Ellie

By refusing to be a puppet on our string or a genie in our bottle, God frees us from our false, idolatrous images.           Richard Foster in Prayer

Inadequacy in Ministry

by Stefan & Ellie

When God calls you to a ministry, a sense of inadequacy is absolutely appropriate. It recognizes the fact that we are not able to do anything without God.        Dr. Jeff Niehaus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Trust in the Process…

by Stefan & Ellie

Like the sower, we must trust in the process, not worrying about the product, knowing that God will honor our planting the seed in faith. Regardless of how difficult the soil may seem, God has not called us to be frantic, but to be faithful.”         Dr. Rod Cooper, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

A place of healing and renewed hope…

by Stefan & Ellie

By October the cabin was built, complete with an outhouse…. My mother named it Koinonia House. None of us knew it at the time, but it wasn’t long before we all recognized that it had become a sacred ground, a place of hospitality and healing. My parents were generous people. It wasn’t long before people […]